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If you want to promote your business like never before, search engine optimization (SEO) can prove usefulness in endless ways. This process of stimulating positive effects on the visibility of a website or a web page in the unpaid results of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing helps website owners reap the benefits of improved website traffic, sales, and economies of scale, profits, and returns on investments.

Search engine optimization techniques may be used to target a wide range of search, including local search, video search, image search, news search, academic search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. This process includes optimizing a website by editing HTML, content, and coding to improve relevance to specific keywords and eliminate barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Using Online Videos For Promoting Businesses

September 10th, 2011 by James

LRS Consulting marketing consultant Sean Stefan talks about the benefits of using online videos for your small business website in this YouTube video on business promotion and internet marketing. This marketing video will help you realize excellent marketing output by developing a solid web presence.

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Small business marketing-Get the best of both worlds

September 2nd, 2011 by James

The YouTube video emphasizes on how to use passion and purpose in a business to make it stand out of the crowd. The marketing video is a must-see for every business entrepreneur and marketing professional and offers advice on how to discover your passion about your work and use it in your marketing.

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How to Combine Online & Offline Marketing?

April 13th, 2011 by James

In this YouTube video on marketing, you will access details on how networking can be a great marketing strategy if used right. This video is a must-see for professionals, business owners, and sales professionals to generate leads and attract clients.

Unilever shakeup puts marketing contract at risk

April 6th, 2011 by James

Unilever shakeup puts marketing contract at riskSir Martin Sorrell’s advertising giant WPP is on the brink of losing a marketing contract worth £281m as part of a massive shake-up by the consumer products giant Unilever.

Unilever spends a staggering £2.5bn advertising household favourites from Marmite to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every year.


But it has launched a review of the media planning and buying service offered by top agencies WPP (up 7.5p to 604p), Omnicom and Interpublic.

It is the latest change instigated by chief executive, Paul Polman, who has turned the business on its head since joining almost 12 months ago.

Sources say Unilever is close to announcing it is replacing WPP’s Mindshare agency for its crucial mainland China account.

The business is worth £281m in annual billing and arch rival Omnicom, through its media buying agency PHD, is understood to have clinched the deal.

Unilever is a top three client of WPP and the decision could cost it between £5m to £10m in fees.

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BSkyB marketing spend to be slashed by Rupert Murdoch

April 4th, 2011 by James

BSkyB marketing spend to be slashed by Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch is expected to slash the £1.2billion annual marketing budget of BSkyB by upto a third, adding hundreds of millions of pounds to its profits at a stroke if he acquires the 61 per cent of BSkyB he does not own.

Spending of the broadcaster on marketing dwarfs that of other large companies.


Rupert Murdoch is expected to slash BSkyB’s £1.2billion annual marketing budget by up to a third – adding hundreds of millions of pounds to its profits at a stroke if he acquires the 61 per cent of BSkyB he does not own.

One source said: ‘It makes BSkyB worth more like £12 a share rather than the 700p proposed by News Corp [where Murdoch is chairman]. BSkyB has been encouraged by News Corp to spend heavily to build its position.

But once this deal is done Rupert will say it can do the same with less and the savings will drop right to the bottom line.’ News Corp declined to comment.

Murdoch is expected by industry sources to cut the marketing budget as soon as he gains full control of the broadcaster.

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Marketing explained like never before

December 9th, 2010 by James

If you want to understand the basics of marketing, this YouTube video by a professional marketer will help you get real insights in absolutely no time. The act of convincing others to buy or marketing is well explained in this short and crispy video.

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Online Games Teach Marketing Techniques

September 13th, 2010 by James

Online Games Teach Marketing TechniquesIt has been greatly seen that there is a lot of interest among the youth regarding the online games. The internet surfers are addicted to a lot of Facebook and other social networking games. This addiction may also get them a job if they involve themselves in games which are popularly known as power games. These games now give an opportunity to learn marketing through such games and even get hired. This popular game is recently launched by British company Reckitt Benckiser.


The basic motive of launching this game was to address concerns of what it would really be like to work as a marketing executive in a large company. PowerRBrands is aimed at those who may be early in their careers, but are looking to learn how Reckitt’s marketing division operates.

Says Sethi, “Over the last two to three years we have been developing a series of initiatives to reach out to talented students and people who are new to their careers. We are looking to push boundaries and find innovative and effective ways to communicate. The game is the logical next step in building a strong online presence.”

The game involves the marketing division and its operations. The player needs to be innovative and test his business skills to climb up the promotional ladder. This game greatly secures a good position in the field of online presence. The talented teenagers are now testing their ideas and creating a niche of them in the market in an entirely different approach.

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Tourist criticism for Timeshare marketing

August 27th, 2010 by James

Tourist criticism for Timeshare marketingA Charlestown “Welcome Center” full of free maps, smiling staff waiting to answer questions, and brochures to area attractions will be greeting tourists stepping from the city parking garage on Ann Street.

Mission of the center is not the same as that of official Charlestown visitor center just across the street. In the recent years, at least 8 privately-run visitor information centers have come up around the Holy City to provide information and vouchers in return for a sales pitch for vacation clubs and time shares.


Those involved in the industry say these operations provide a valuable service to visitors. They bring thousands of tourists to Charleston each year for presentations and steer thousands more to local tour operators, restaurants and other businesses that directly profit as a result, supporters said.

Critics, including the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, fear that this marketing scheme confuses visitors, subjects them to aggressive sales tactics and steers them only toward attractions that honor industry coupons.

Helen Hill, executive director of the visitors bureau, said she has fielded several complaints over the years from upset folks who mistakenly thought her nonprofit organization was hawking time shares to them.

“The key is that they be as upfront as possible about what they are trying to do,” she said. “We don’t want visitors to leave with a bad experience or a bad taste in their mouth about Charleston.

David Compton, owner of Old South Carriage Co., remarked that Vacation Station Vouchers has been helping his business get dozens of customers each week.

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Video Marketing on the Web – Tips and Precautions

August 10th, 2010 by James

If you are running a business and want to effectively communicate product profiles and benefits within the shortest possible time, this YouTube video is a must-see for you. This video will help you ascertain how Web 2.0 video marketing should be utilized in today’s social marketing dominated online world.

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A Quarter of senior managers to be shown the door by Channel 4

July 22nd, 2010 by James

A Quarter of senior managers to be shown the door by Channel 4Channel 4 is about to cut 25 percent of its 48 senior managers and recently appointed Julian Bellamy as the acting Chief Creative Officer.

New chief executive David Abraham of Channel 4 is to halve the number of his direct reports to 6 from 13, and is expected to reduce the group of senior management by 12 posts before this year end.


“We will also look at a further restructuring of our commissioning teams to again reduce layers of management and overlap and offer our independent suppliers that same direct route into our senior creative decision-makers.”

The restructure, which will see group finance director Anne Bulford promoted to chief operating officer, will also see the creation of two new senior executive posts.

One new role will combine responsibility for corporate relations, marketing, press and publicity and policy and regulations. Channel 4 is also creating a new role for a director of audience technologies and insight.

Matt Baker, who has headed Channel 4’s press office for the past decade, has decided to leave the broadcaster. He joined from Sunday Business, where he held the role of media editor, in 1998. Previously he had been the editor of trade magazine Broadcast.

Baker will stay at Channel 4 until an appointment is made to the new marketing, public affairs and communications role and is planning to take a break from PR to concentrate on freelance writing.

Abraham said that the aim is to fundamentally change company culture to focus more on the audience besides creating an even greater sense of connection with the brand in the highly competitive, converged world of fully digital media.

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