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Can looks make a difference at workplace?

June 17th, 2010 by James

Can looks make a difference at workplaceDuring an international survey, it was found that beautiful people are paid better than their not-so-beautiful colleagues.

The survey blamed the results on tendency of people to take more notice of beautiful people that results in their work getting more noticed than others. This tendency is also responsible for more salary hikes and promotions coming in way of beautiful people than their average looking colleagues.


Faiza Khan (name changed), a feature journalist, couldn’t have agreed more. “I’m beautiful, but look at the peanuts I earn!” she chuckles, adding, “All these things like – beauty, looks, personality sound better by people in the showbiz, who earn their money just by this. Who has the time to notice all this in us? Though yes, there’s nothing you can do if the boss himself is partial.”

“Exactly, who has the time?” avers Anant Jauhari, state coordinator of a private cell phone service provider in Lucknow. “It could be a done feature in the western countries but in India looks can never be a parameter to judge one’s work. In our company also we have a scientifically laid down procedure for appraisals that strictly goes by an employee’s performance and not otherwise.” However, he adds, “But being presentable can give you a mileage, because for client interaction such people are preferred. Still it’s the entire gamut of package that helps one rise high in his career and not just looks alone.”

Subhashish Bey, cluster head of a private financial company, said a smart individual will have always had an edge over a lousy colleague.

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