How To Find The Right Homestay Accommodation In Singapore?

March 25th, 2015 by James

Believe it or not, the thought of sending your child to a foreign country can take a toll on you with news everyday coming up of non-residents being tortured. However, you can put all these and other worries at bay and still send your child to study overseas and you will be surprised to know that all his or her requirements (like education, food, lodging, etc.) would be taken care of by an experienced professional in a safe and conducive environment. The answer is simple — A homestay accommodation in the world’s most reputed educational hub — Singapore!

How To Find The Right Homestay Accommodation In Singapore

If you do a bit of research online, you would find it easily that people of Singapore are some of the most friendliest and down-to-earth people who respect every religion. They greet strangers and visitors to their country with warmth and open arms. These are just some of the reasons why Singapore has maintained its strong reputation in the world of higher education while some other countries have seen their standing getting tarnished due to bad incidents. Well, those countries are not Singapore for sure!!

The best thing is that you can easily find an affordable, safe, hygienic, and well-maintained homestay accommodation in Singapore. All you need is to search for “homestay accommodations in Singapore” or “foreign student guardian Singapore” and your search will take you to the websites of eminent accommodation facilities. It is highly recommended that you compare different accommodation facilities so that you and your child can be assured of top-notch services. This will also mean that your child would not have to worry about cooking meals or making bed. All he or she will be required to do is to concentrate fully on studies to excel in life and make a better future. There is nothing better than staying and studying in Singapore!

Why Your Business Needs Professional Audit And Accounting Services?

March 21st, 2015 by James

If you are running a business, small or big, and wants to turn into an entrepreneur soon, it is very important for you to know beforehand that you would very soon be dealing with complicated legal procedures and accounting. However, you can stay away from all possible hurdles with creation and maintenance of financial statements and records by hiring the services of an experienced accountant and auditor.

Why Your Business Needs Professional Audit And Accounting Services

It is important for you to note that a profit-oriented business don’t just need the services of a qualified auditor for legal compliance, but also to ensure that everything is smoothly and perfectly running.

 A competent auditor can ensure accuracy of information and reports by emphasizing on rigorous internal audits so that it is easy for the decision-makers of your business to access collected & reliable information and organize and benefit from it to identify complicated revenue recognition factors and make informed decisions to improve profitability aspects. Moreover, services rendered by professional auditors can be used to assess known areas of vulnerability and even uncover risks and opportunities that may not have been known in the past so that you can make quick, effective, thoughtful, coordinated, and confident responses.

Audit services can prove to be extremely beneficial to detect instances of theft, fraud, and other irregularities. If that was not all, investigative audits can be used for detecting waste of resources, illegal activities or operations, or abuse of assets. Moreover, audited financial statements can help in promoting the prospects of your business before the world at large. This is simply because audited financial reports help in strengthening internal controls and communicating the right and complete financial picture of your business to creditors, investors, and other stakeholders. In other words, positive financial statements can be useful to retain existing creditors and investors and may even help greatly to attract new investors.

Face Of US Ambassador Slashed In South Korea

March 5th, 2015 by James

South Korean police and U.S. officials have announced that U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was in stable condition after a man slashed him on the face and wrist with a knife. The man was screaming demands for a unified North and South Korea.

Face Of US Ambassador Slashed In South Korea

A stunned-looking Lippert was seen in media images as examining his blood-covered left hand and holding his right hand over a cut on the right side of his face, his pink tie splattered with blood. The attack, which happened at a performing arts center in downtown Seoul, was condemned by the U.S. State Department. The ambassador was preparing for a lecture about prospects for peace on the divided Korean Peninsula.

Lippert was in stable condition after surgery at a Seoul hospital and his injuries weren’t life threatening, said the U.S. State Department.

Kim Young-man, spokesman for the group hosting the breakfast, the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation, said the knife-wielding man ran screaming up to Lippert as soup was being served for the breakfast meeting and began slashing.

The suspect also shouted anti-war slogans after he was detained. In 2010, the suspect threw a piece of concrete at the Japanese ambassador in Seoul. The accused, Kim Ki-jong, was later sentenced to a three-year suspended prison term over the attack. In October 2007, Kim also reportedly tried to set himself on fire with gasoline while protesting in front of the presidential Blue House.

Four-Month Loan Extension For Greece

February 21st, 2015 by James

On Friday, the finance ministers of euro zone agreed in principle to extend Greece’s financial rescue by four months. This decision averted a potential cash crunch in March that could have forced Greece out of the currency area.

Four-Month Loan Extension For Greece

The deal, which is to be ratified once creditors of Greece are satisfied, ends weeks of uncertainty since the election of a leftist-led government in Athens that pledged to reverse austerity. “Tonight was a first step in this process of rebuilding trust,” Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of the 19-nation Eurogroup, told a news conference. “We have established common ground again to reach agreement on this statement.”

The agreement provides a breathing space for the new Greek government to help it negotiate longer-term debt relief with its official creditors.

European Union paymaster Germany, Greece’s biggest creditor, has asked for “significant improvements” in reform commitments by Athens before it would accept an extension of euro zone funding.”Being in government is a date with reality, and reality is often not as nice as a dream,” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told reporters. He stressed Athens would get no aid payments until its bailout program was properly completed.

“The Greeks certainly will have a difficult time to explain the deal to their voters,” the conservative veteran said.

The accord requires Greece to submit a letter by Monday to the Eurogroup listing all the policy measures it plans to take during the remainder of the bailout period. Euro zone member states will ratify the extension, where necessary through their parliaments if the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund are satisfied.

Ways To Find An Apartment In Mumbai

January 29th, 2015 by James

With the property prices in Mumbai at all-time high and showing no signs of cooling down, finding a dream home in the city has become extremely challenging. The average cost of 1 BHK flat in the city center is around one crore rupees. To afford an apartment worth one crore, you need to have a monthly income of not less than 1.5 lakhs. This is anybody’s guess as to how many people earn this kind of salary at the beginning of their career or even after being in profession for some years. Add to this the down payment amount that you have to pay upfront to book your flat and the process of buying an apartment in Mumbai seems even more daunting. The minimum upfront amount that you need to pay including margin money, registration fees, stamp duty, legal fees, parking and development charges, service tax, etc. is around 30 lakh rupees for a home worth 1 crore rupees. Now collecting 30 lakh rupees upfront in itself seems a big challenge for a middle class individual, leave alone purchasing a flat worth three times its value. However, it is still possible to find a good apartment in Mumbai. Here are the ways to locate a good housing for yourself, in this dream city – The best upcoming projects in Malad, Mumbai is Auris Serenity do check out the specification.


Look for homes in the upcoming regions

The costs of homes in the upcoming regions of Mumbai are still affordable and offer great amenities, high standards of living and are worth every penny you spend. You can look for homes in the upcoming or ongoing projects in Kalyan, Thane, Bhiwandi, Dombivali, Badlapur, Titwala, etc. Almost all new projects in these regions are built using latest technologies and offer state of the art facilities such as garden, swimming pool, recreation centers, high security, stilt parking, etc. In addition to this, the apartments are spacious, have full length windows for ventilation, modular kitchens, flower bed or balcony in each room, power back-up, etc. and above all you get fresh air to breathe.Afterall, there is no substitution to healthy living!Also, most of the township projects in these extended suburbs have their own bus services to the nearest railway station to make your commuting comfortable and easy.

Best way to find an apartment in Mumbai is through

The best way to find upcoming projects Mumbai is through the online real estate portals like, which is India’s leading property portal that facilitates buying, selling and renting of all real estate assets online.The site hosts thousands of verified properties within Mumbai city as well as its extended suburbs.You can select the best apartment from some of the finest properties available in thiscity on is no dearth of option here and you can get all types of properties – resale, ready possession, under construction, new launch, etc. You can research, analyze, compare and can then select your dream home on this site that fits your requirement in terms of budget, area, property type, amenities, security features, locality as well as society standards. You can do all these and much more from the comfort of your home or even while travelling using the mobile/iPad app. With this site, you are bound to have an easy, hassle-free and convenient buying experience.

All About Tsohost Website Hosting

January 17th, 2015 by James

If you are clueless when it comes to website hosting, the world of internet offers you endless opportunities. The best thing is that you can even access reviews, testimonials, feedback, etc. of the products and services offered by different web hosting providers.

All About Tsohost Website Hosting

However, choosing the right web host can be a difficult task if you are new to this world. It is therefore important that you select a reputed website host that offers a high uptime of around 99 percent and offers 24/7 customer services. By doing this, you can surely expect your website to keep running without hassles, even during peak sales.

One of the best web hosting providers is Tsohost that provides complete peace of mind with 24/7 UK based support. Since 2003, it has been providing feature packed and high quality website hosting solutions to businesses and individuals. This is the primary reason why thousands of business owners and tech savvy individuals trust Tsohost. They offer a website online for only £2.99 per month and you can ask them to move from website from another web host to them for free.

Tsohost Hosting Packages

  • Lite Hosting: 2 Websites £14.99/ per annum
  • Standard Hosting: 4 websites £34.99/ per annum
  • Pro Hosting: 6 websites (+ free domain) £49.99/ per annum
  • Ultimate Hosting: 100 websites (+ free domain) £199.99/ per annum

Tsohost dashboard is extremely easy to use, even for beginners. Not only this, it allows addition of websites and file management in intuitive ways. If that was not all, you can select from a Linux or Windows platform or use the cloud dashboard that is infinitely scalable. The list of advantages associated with this website hosting provider does not end here. You can benefit from self restore backups. You can make things back right just in case if something does go wrong.

Berlin Wants Greece To Stay In Euro Zone, Says Germany’s Vice Chancellor

January 7th, 2015 by James

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the German government wants Greece to stay in the euro zone and there are no contingency plans to the contrary. Gabriel was responding to a media report that Berlin is of the view that the currency union could cope without Greece.

Sigmar Gabriel

Gabriel, the Economy Minister and leader of the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), added the euro zone had become more resilient in recent years and could not be “blackmailed”.

“The goal of the German government, the European Union and even the government in Athens itself is to keep Greece in the euro zone,” Gabriel said in an interview to Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung. “There were no and there are no other plans to the contrary,” he said. Gabriel also said the euro zone had become far more stable in recent years.

“That’s why we can’t be blackmailed and why we expect the Greece government, no matter who leads it, to abide by the agreements made with the EU,” he said while referring to the January 25 Greek election and a possible change of government.

Earlier, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel, Georg Streiter, remarked that the government of Germany expects Greece to stick to the terms of its 240-billion euro EU/IMF bailout agreement.

A report in Der Spiegel magazine on Saturday said Berlin now believed the euro zone would be able to cope with a Greek exit, or “Grexit”, if necessary. Berlin considers “Grexit” almost unavoidable if the left-wing Syriza opposition party wins Greece’s election, Der Spiegel reported. Syriza wants to cancel austerity measures and a chunk of Greek debt.

How To Choose The Best RC Helicopter For Kids?

January 6th, 2015 by James

If your child has been asking for a remote-controlled (RC) helicopter and you just cannot make him or her wait, here are some tips before you order a RC helicopter for kids.

Helicopter For Sale

If you want to buy the best remote-controlled helicopter for kids, it is best to trust Axis Gyro RC Helicopter or the Toy RC Helicopter for sale. These premium-quality helicopters are tested for safety and you can always be assured that your child does not hurt himself or herself while playing with these toys.

Not only this, the Axis Gyro RC Helicopter and the Toy RC Helicopter for sale are cleaner, safer, easier, and quieter to use. Your child can even fly them indoors once he or she has become accustomed to flying a remote-controlled helicopter. Fun to fly, these cheap yet high-quality toys can surely keep your child entertained for hours. These ready to fly remote control helicopters are ideal for beginners, kids, and adults who just can’t get enough of flying helicopters inside their living room, backyard, or any free area.

The best part is that you can access a wide range of cheap remote-controlled helicopter for kids by going online and searching for beginner RC helicopters, indoor RC helicopters, outdoor RC helicopters, and advanced remote control helicopters to bring a smile on the face of your little beginner or experienced pilot child.

To buy now, you just need to visit the website of a reputed online portal like that specializes in high-end and best remote-controlled helicopter for kids. With free shipping and favorable shipping terms and policies, you are always assured of a great and unmatched combination of excellence, quality, perfection, affordability, and satisfaction. This is one of the many reasons why this eminent online portal has made a distinctive niche for itself in the hearts of one and all.

Benefits Of Fracking-Importance Of Hydraulic Fracturing

December 25th, 2014 by James

In today’s competitive world, almost every economy is struggling to cope with recession and cutthroat financial policies and the United States is no exception. The positive point is that the world’s largest economy has managed to continue generating wealth, create jobs, and grow its economy despite all obstacles and the conundrum is answered by Fracking for hydrocarbon fuels.

Benefits Of Fracking-Importance Of Hydraulic Fracturing

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing began in 1947 as an experiment. In 1949, the first commercially successful application happened and approximately 2.5 million fracking operations had been performed around the world on oil and gas wells by the year 2012.

   Every country is trying to reap the innumerable benefits of fracking. It is believed by many industry experts that fracking can actually power even big economies like the United Kingdom for the next half century even a tenth of the shale reserves of the country are used. It is worthwhile to note here that there are around 40 trillion cubic meters of shale gas in northern England alone according to the estimates of a British Geological Survey. It was rightly quoted by David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party, that shale gas projects can benefit communities financially.

The list of advantages associated with Fracking does not end here. Fracked energy is one of the cheapest sources of hydrocarbon energy. Secondly, use of Fracking can create a lot of jobs and the wealth generated can be employed to serve the economy, society, and people in different ways. Thirdly, Fracked gas can be used to improve the balance of payments as it can easily replace the expensive and imported oil and gas.

In short, we need to understand the benefits of Fracking to help grow our economy in more than just a way. This will not only help us and the economies of the world, but it will also lead the right way for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Biggest Rise In 15 Months For Asian Shares

December 19th, 2014 by James

On Friday, Asian shares enjoyed their best day in 15 months after Wall Street enjoyed its biggest two-day advance since late 2011 amid relief that the U.S. Federal Reserve was in no hurry to withdraw stimulus from the U.S. economy.

Biggest Rise In 15 Months For Asian Shares

These gains came as Oil prices stayed under pressure to suggest that equity investors were starting to see the positives in reduced fuel costs and increased consumer spending power.

Australia’s main index romped ahead by 2.2 percent and Japan’s Nikkei JNIc1 climbed 2.1 percent to erase most of its recent losses. Shares in Shanghai hit their highest in four years while MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan .MIAPJ0000PUS put on 1.5 percent. “Risk sentiment is ending the week on a stronger footing after a poor start,” said analysts at Barclays. “Market expectations for ECB QE add to the Fed’s upbeat message on U.S. growth and stabilization in Russia.”

The Dow .DJI surged 2.43 percent, while the S&P 500 .SPX gained 2.4 percent and the Nasdaq .IXIC 2.24 percent.

The US dollar regained ground on the yen to 119.24 and the euro resumed its decline against the U.S. dollar, dropping to $1.227. After a wild week, oil prices managed to steady for the moment. Brent LCOc1 inched up 11 cents to $59.38 after it lost over a $1.00 on Thursday, while U.S. crude CLc1 added 21 cents to $54.32.